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Kalsytech Equine (350g)


Calcium is an essential mineral for horses and must be supplied in the diet daily. A horses diet can often lack the essential nutrients and minerals needed such as Calcium.

Calcium’s key role is to provide nourishment for bone: strength, development, and density especially in young and ageing horses. Some horses feed on grasses/ foods that are known to deplete Calcium from the horses body. To ensure a sufficient Calcium intake, a horse requires a Calcium supplement for the same reasons as humans. (Incorrect diet/ foods).

Horses partaking in performance and high performance events can deplete their bodies of much needed nutrients.

Taking Kalsytech™ may assist in the prevention of Calcium depletion, and can assist with building healthy bones, teeth, nervous and musculo skeletal system.

Our research confirms that a Calcium product such as Kalsytech™has the correct bio-availability for long term bone health and the body can absorb this product.


Product Description

Micro Crystalline Hydroxiapitate (Marine) 100% Average Typical
Calcium (Dry Basis) 24.5%
Phosphorous 12.3%
Protein 28.4%
Collagen 12.2%
Magnesium 0.35%

100% Marine Hydroxiapitate (MCHC)
Natural Marine bone
Readily absorbed unlike conventional Calcium supplements High nutritional benefits
Correct 2:1 Ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous
No additives and DOES NOT contain Yeast, Starch, Gluten, fillers, Wheat, artificial colour or additives.

RDI – Recommended daily intake

This is a standard example or the daily intake required.
Loading dose: 2 level scoops for the first 10 days.
Maintenance dose: 1 level scoop per day.

Kalsytech™ is manufactured and processed to the highest international standards.

Kalsytech™ is specifically processed to retain the essential nutrients and is manufactured to GMP, NZMAF, Australian & New Zealand Food Safety Standards.


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