Kalsytech Canine 175g powder tub


The only Calcium supplement to comprise of 100% Hydroxyapatite for better absorption and higher bio-availability.
Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs and must be supplied in the diet daily. A dog’s diet can often lack the essential nutrients and minerals needed such as Calcium.

Calcium’s key role is to provide nourishment for bone: strength, development, and density especially in young and ageing dogs. Some dogs feed on foods that are known to deplete Calcium from the dog’s body. To ensure a sufficient Calcium intake, a dog requires a Calcium supplement for the same reasons as humans. (Incorrect diet/ foods).

Dogs partaking in performance and high performance events can deplete their bodies of much needed nutrients.

Taking Kalsytech™ may assist in the prevention of Calcium depletion, and can assist with building healthy bones, teeth, nervous and musculo skeletal system as well as maintaining the blood clotting mechanisim and cardiac function.


Product Description

Micro Crystalline Hydroxiapitate (Marine) 100% Average Typical
Calcium (Dry Basis) 24.5%
Phosphorous 12.3%
Protein 28.4%
Collagen 12.2%
Magnesium 0.35%

100% Marine Hydroxiapitate (MCHC)
Natural Marine bone
Readily absorbed unlike conventional Calcium supplements High nutritional benefits
Correct 2:1 Ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous
No additives and DOES NOT contain Yeast, Starch, Gluten, fillers, Wheat, artificial colour or additives.

RDI – Recommended daily intake

Kalsytech™ is manufactured and processed to the highest international standards.

Kalsytech™ is specifically processed to retain the essential nutrients and is manufactured to GMP, NZMAF, Australian & New Zealand Food Safety Standards.


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